Lenovo has a great commercial in which two business looking men are sitting next to each other, one using a Lenovo and the other another unknown brand. The user with the unknown brand asks the Lenovo user how he recovers from a problem, and the Lenovo user shows a one button recovery system. The non- Lenovo user is ask what he has, and a troll looking character appears with a fruit basket apologizing for the lost files he has suffered.

So I was wondering? What is the one button feature that Lenovo is talking about so I took a look at their site. Lenovo explains the system as:

This one-button rescue solution includes a set of self recovery tools to help users diagnose, get help and recover from a virus or other software crash, even if the primary operating system will not boot. It helps with everything from complete software failure to occasions when you need only to restore a corrupted or deleted file. And administration tools can even be configured to help deploy critical updates to corrupted systems in your organization quickly and with confidence.

  • Helps users stay productive even if the primary operating system will not boot
  • Offers do-it-yourself recovery and support options
  • Antidote Delivery Manager is a feature of Rescue and Recovery that can be customised to deploy critical updates (such as patches for worms or viruses) to PCs across your organisation and includes a point-and-click wizard for easy creation of antidote scripts
  • System Rejuvenation lets you restore to any backup while keeping all of your data and system personality settings
  • Rescues and restores your files, folders, or backups
  • Is compatible with a broad range of external storage devices to help you back up your data off-line
  • Links via the Internet to the Lenovo and other support sites
  • Is easy to customise and deploy in the enterprise
  • Integration with other ThinkVantage Technologies to allow migration from backup files including chip-encrypted backups, combining our great technologies to create an even more robust environment

The system sounds good on paper, but I was wondering if anyone has tried it? If you are a Lenovo who has experienced  a crash, did the one button recovery work? Were there any problems with the recovery process?

Let us know.

Comments welcome.