Today Craig asks:

A few months ago I bought a new laptop and set up a wireless connection, the signal from the router never broke and ran perfect for weeks, until the signal started to break up and disconnect roughly 2 times a day the only thing I remember happening is a piece of software (mIrc) flushing my DNS, any help would be appreciated thanks.

Well the IRC client should really not be flushing anything to do with your DNS as far as I am concerned. Mine does not, so if the one you are using does, I might explore a less intrusive alternative.

Regarding the dropping wireless connection, the first thing I would test is to see if you are having a connection reset on a wired network as well. If so, then it may be the router. If it is wireless only however and it has been clearly confirmed that a wired network is working fine, then you may be picking up some interference.

Assuming the test described previously has shown that it might be an interference issue with the signal itself, then I would begin exploring the following:

  • Logging into the router, changing the wireless channel you are connecting to.
  • Are you noticing new wireless networks showing up in your wireless settings that seem to have comparable wireless strength to your own?
  • When the connection breaks, are their cordless phones or microwaves in use at that moment? I have never had a problem with this, but have heard that some people do.

If you are still having problems, despite everything above, might be time to look at the software side of this? Any new updates from Windows Updates designed to change your network settings? And as wild as this seems, log in to the router and see if you have it set to turn off access at specific times. I realize how big of a stretch this might seem like, but I have seen it happen. And it would explain what was going on if the disconnect was happening on a schedule like clockwork!

Lockergnome community, do you have additional thoughts of some things to check? Hit the comments; share your ideas there.

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