The debate continues over whether Apple computer systems are overpriced when compared to PCs and Tom’s Hardware took a different approach to the question. In its article, it compared Apple to PCs of equal value and came away concluding the systems were priced the same. But that is where the comparison ended. In the parts category it stated:

But Tom’s most salient point, I thought, was that Apple really gouges its customers when it comes to upgrades:

On Apple’s site, it lists a 2 GB increase in memory for $500.

Anyone would be crazy to plunk down half a grand for 2 GB in memory (2 x 1GB). You can get the same pack of memory online for less than $150.

On Apple’s site, a 1 TB Serial ATA drive costs $450.

We all know we can get decent 1 TB drives for less than $180.

I also took a look at Apple’s line of iMacs and their available upgrades. Stepping up from a 250 GB drive to a 500 GB drive will cost you $100 from Apple. Interestingly enough, you can get a 500 GB drive for $70 at Newegg.

The bottom line here is: if you buy a Mac, don’t buy upgrades from Apple, because this is where you will light up your wallet (or purse) on fire. The prices for upgrades makes absolutely no sense, and follows a pricing scheme I just don’t jive with. Do some research on upgrades and buy elsewhere. There is a huge discrepancy in Apple’s pricing for its systems and pricing for system upgrades.

Many years ago a friend of mind mentioned he had to have the floppy disk in his Mac replaced. I asked him what it had cost and he stated $325.00. I was amazed. At the time I was paying $6.00 for floppy drives and charged only $45.00 to make the repair.

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