Rachael Ray is known as a food expert – a human food expert. She is hoping to expand her culinary skills to include dog food and dog treats. She is launching a premiere line of dog food and treats. It will be called Rachael Ray (TM) Nutrish.

link: Rachael Ray Launches Line of Super Premium Dog Food & Treats

There are some people who are wondering about the timing of such an enterprise. This line of dog food will not be inexpensive. It is designer food for dogs. The skeptics wonder how this could have any hope of success, with soaring fuel costs and a shaky economy.

Undoubtedly, the dog food market has been researched carefully with surveys and focus groups. The skeptics fail to take into consideration some salient issues. There was a recent pet food scare. There were recalls from various pet food manufacturers. Unfortunately, thousands of pets did not survive the contaminated food. Pet owners remember that and are cautious now about what goes into the dog’s food dish.

In a poor economy, people nest. There is even more emphasis on home when disposable income is limited. However, pets are viewed as members of the family. The family dog is regarded as a four legged loyal adolescent. As such, the family pet will receive the best. The extra dollars directed to Rachael Ray’s special food for the dog will be regarded as money well spent. It is for one of the ‘kids’. It will be seen as preventing any future problems and future veterinarian bills. The few extra dollars spent on Rachael Ray’s recommended food will be justified.

For Rachael Ray and her corporate conglomerate, this is a shrewd business expansion. Rachael Ray already is welcomed, via the television, into the home. Who is better, during troubling times, to give the family pet some extra attention, love and super food than Rachael Ray?

This is a low risk – high reward move by corporate Rachael Ray. What can be better than to be recognized as a pal to your family pet?

Catherine Forsythe