Over at Direct2Dell they have announced a new series of business laptop computers that Dell says are going to knock our socks off. After reading some of the specifications, especially the extended battery life [19 hours], these new machines could change the way we lappy users do business. On the light side is the 12″ Latitude E4200 which weighs in at only 2.2 lbs. This light weight laptop is going to be ideal for business travelers who hate to lug those 5-6 pounders through the airports.

Here is the line up of Dell’s offerings:

Ultra Portable: When portability matters most 

We have two models here, and they will both be available in the coming weeks. The 12″ Latitude E4200 (pictured below, note: click on any of the images here to see larger versions) starts at about 2.2 pounds—making it the lightest corporate laptop we’ve ever built. And besides the color options I mentioned above, the E4200 can also be decked out in Quartz Pink.

Dell Latitude E4200

And the Latitude E4300 starts at about 3.4 pounds. It’s our first Latitude to feature a 13.3-inch inch display. It supports options like a contactless smart card and a built-in camera. Both models come standard with backlit LED display to make them smaller and lighter and to give them an edge in battery life. They can also be ordered with a backlit keyboard and next-generation SSD drives.

Dell is also offering Dell Latitude ON which will enable users to check email & surf the Internet with out the need to boot in to the OS. Nice.

In addition Dell will be offering two other business systems as well. It seems that Dell is going after the business market in a big way. Plus Dell still offers the option to purchase a system with XP Professional installed as well. But here is the best feature of a business system from Dell. You receive US support. 🙂

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