Sad, as I am a once-proud NVIDIA fan. Discovering that NVIDIA cannot seem to keep it together is apparently becoming a part of life these days. First it had a bit of a “fail” with its earnings and now we are also seeing its chipsets bombing in flames. This is definitely not going to do wonders for people thinking of buying its products over that of ATI.

Then to make matters worse, we see completely false claims being spouted off as truth about NVIDIA by stating that it was going to be ceasing its work with the chipset business. Again, this was a complete falsehood. Bundle this in with the company’s refusal to release its Linux drivers as open source, despite me telling others to let go of what obviously at the time did not seem like a big deal. Today, I have seen why some might find NVIDIA, in general, to be rather unappetizing. It appears to be losing its way from the NVIDIA that provided strong driver support, a clear company direction, and a clue as to how to best deal with its competition at ATI (now AMD).

Think NVIDIA is doing fine despite its ongoing mistakes? Hit the comments, set me straight.