Google Street View is coming under attack from all sides by some who are contending that Street View is getting too personal. So as I was surfing the Internet I found an article which represents just how personal things are getting. Picture this. You received notification that a very close friend of yours has died. You go to your local pub and get drunk. You are taken home by a taxi,and pass out on your front lawn. You subsequently discover that some one has posted the Google Street View of you passed out on the Internet.

First of all I am not interested in the fact about why the man got drunk, nor the fact that he passed out in his yard. What is of concern is that his privacy.  In the article it states:

But the latest victim, who gave his name only as ‘Bill’, is not planning an official complaint.

‘I’m not too happy about it’ said Bill.

‘I mean, I wouldn’t have been there in the state that I was in, but I wasn’t really thinking there would be someone driving by with a video camera on the roof filming me, either,’ Bill, 36, said from northern Australia, where he is working with a fishing company.

‘What do you do when you lose a mate like that?’ he said of his pal, with whom he had been planning a motorbike holiday around the island of Tasmania.

‘I know what he would have done if I left – he would have partied, too. That’s what I would’ve wanted him to do so that’s what I did with some friends.’

Bill said he accepted he could not expect to have complete privacy in a public street, but he questioned whether his embarrassing moment should be broadcast over the internet.

Though ‘Bill’ is taking the incident in stride, it does make one wonder where our privacy starts and where it ends. Who is to decide what is appropriate to post on the Internet? Who decides what is private and what is not? If you are on the street, are you fair game?

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