Over the years I would venture to guess, that many of us have tried a multitude of software or hardware devices that promised improved speeds on our systems. As much as we hate to admit it, most of these products provided limited improvement to our system performance. So when I read about Intel’s Turbo Memory, I went to their site to take a look. What Intel promises is this:

Intel® Turbo Memory with User PinningEnhancing system performance through memory innovation

Intel® Turbo Memory Intel® Turbo Memory with User Pinning brings mobile and desktop systems performance to new heights through the innovative extension of Flash Memory architectures into computing platforms. User Pinning offers more options to the user to improve system applications launch time and responsiveness.

For those who wish to view the entire specifications and Intel hype, you can download a .pdf copy here.

Included in the hardware is a dashboard in which the user can fine tune the applications and files that the user wishes to take advantage of the turbo memory hardware.  The hardware can be used on systems that have a PCIe slot [desktop] available, while the mobile comes in half and full mini modules for [laptop] computer systems.

OK. I must admit on paper it sounds really good. But like any hardware the proof is in the pudding.

Oh, one other thing. Isn’t this something that should be built onto the motherboard and that Microsoft Windows can take advantage of, mainly Vista?

Let me know what you think.

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