We all enjoy eating good food, and many times some of us get a little more excited about it than we probably should. Our love of food has an impact on many different areas of our lives including the plans that we make with our friends. Going out to eat is best enjoyed when it’s a social activity, so it shouldn’t be a surprise if we find ourselves constantly making plans to grab a bite to eat with some friends or family members. Whenever you do something with anyone, you’ll inevitably end up enjoying some sort of meal with them at some point, but it can be hard to decide where to go. With lunchn, you’ll be able to figure everything out beforehand. 

Once you’ve formed a group with your friends through lunchn, you simply add restaurants that your group might want to consider and then everyone gets to vote on where they’d like to eat. You can find restaurants in your area through this service, and you’ll also discover restaurants that other groups enjoyed. From my perspective, if you need to use something like this just to figure out where to eat, then either your life is too complicated or you’re making it too complicated.