The Spanish Olympic basketball team needs a lesson in what it is to be good guests. Left on their own, they blunder. In one insensitive picture, they have managed to insult a whole nation.

In an advertisement for a Spanish courier company, the basketball players are pictured pulling back the corner of their eyes:

link: Spanish basketball team poses for offensive picture

This is simply insulting and these men should know better. These are athletes who play basketball at the highest level. The team from Spain were 2006 FIBA World Champions. Men like Pau Gasol and José Calderon are NBA professionals.

In an equally poor attempt at spin and damage control, José Calderon called the picture as “an affectionate gesture” and “appropriate”. Do Mr Calderon and his team mates not know that it is insulting and racist? Perhaps they should ask any school kid. It is far from “appropriate”, Mr Calderon. It is ignorant.

Catherine Forsythe