Gnomie John Barta writes:

Okay… I am not sure if you have ever heard of Orb, but I came across it via iPhone Alley. It allows you to stream your music library (or share any files, really) to pretty much any phone, console, or computer!

Simply make an Orb account. You download the Orb program and load it unto your computer. Pick which libraries you want to share, and boom!

Log into your Orb account via laptop, desktop, iPhone, BlackBerry (I’ve only tried those four, but the site claims it works with more!), and as long as that one computer is online at all times, you should be able to stream your entire computer over the Internet! Your documents, photos, music, movies… whatever you want to share, of course.

I even did a roundabout way of streaming my Sirius and XM accounts through this! I think even your USTREAM would work through this.

No hacking needed — I never jailbroke anything!

In short, this is incredible. More incredible that it works on my iPhone 3G AND Wi-Fi! It works perfectly. I hope you find this as amazing as my friends and I do.