Many times URLs are easy to remember and simple to link to, but when you start linking to very specific content, the length of the URLs sometimes grows to ridiculous proportions. We’ve all seen URLs that seemed to go on forever, and that’s why it’s nice to have access to services that shorten complex Web addresses. URL shortening services have been around for quite some time, but Twitter has helped to popularize them through its use of shortened URLs in its messaging system. Small URLs are much easier to share with others, and even if your URLs aren’t that long, you still may want to use because of the features that it provides. 

The basic premise behind URL shortening is very simple, but proves that you can do more with it than you may expect. For example, enables you to customize your URL a little bit and it also generates thumbnails for the pages that you link to, mirrors the content, and gives you details about the traffic that the shortened URL is receiving. Why use anything else?