Google keeps track of the email virus attack stats through their Postini data centers. Needless to say, email spamming is on the increase. We have been hearing about spam and viruses being on the increase for ever. We have also heard that one day the entire Internet will collapse under the weight of spam. But no matter what your opinion is on the severity of spam and email viruses, one thing is for sure. It is not going away.

Google stats show a huge spike on July 24, 2008 when some 10 million pieces of junk hit the Internet. That is an amazing amount of junk and gunk that places is all in peril. Google also states that:

Viruses tend to increase during the summer months, and August is already showing some new types of viruses. On August 5, we saw a large inflow of messages with an encrypted .RAR attachment. The overall 2008 trend has been a decrease in the use of attachments, so this new virus is confirmation that spam doesn’t follow trends for long.

With this standing out in the statement: ‘The overall 2008 trend has been a decrease in the use of attachments’

So much for the rule of thumb about not opening attachments. That seems to have been pounded into our heads so much, that the bad guys now have to look for a new way to attack us.

Bottom line. WWW = Wild,Wild, West. Just like the folks who made their way through the West back in the 1800’s, keep your Winchester handy. 🙂

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