Intel is planning on changing the name of the Centrino Atom name just just plain Atom after five months. Intel feels that this is necessary to avoid confusion as to what the Atom chip processor is. The Atom was designed for use on the new Netbook computers that needed a more power efficient processor for the mini-laptops.

The Atom processors are an energy efficient processor, while at the same time having the ability to run both Linux and Microsoft Windows XP operating system. The design of the new mini-laptops required a non-traditional processor. According to this article:

The Centrino Atom brand was mildly confusing to some observers. Intel’s Centrino brand is closely associated with laptops, but Atom-based laptops — sometimes called netbooks — were not allowed to use the Centrino Atom brand since these devices used a different version of the Atom processor and a traditional two-chip chipset.

Hardware makers have been notified of the branding change, and MIDs will now be branded with stickers that say Atom, instead of Centrino Atom. The change comes as Intel prepares to roll out the Core brand for its upcoming Nehalem processor line, eventually replacing the Core 2 brand used with Intel’s current top-end chips.

On the future mini-laptops the sticker will reflect the new Atom designation.

What is surprising is that AMD has chosen not to enter into the Netbook processing market, which some analysts predict could be millions of new computer systems being introduced during this quarter and the 4th quarter as well. AMD continues to struggle in the cpu market.

Will you be buying one of the new netbooks once they are released? Will you be choosing a Linux based system or Windows XP?

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