If you are a fan of using Microsoft Windows Vista sidebar and enjoy using gadgets, you have to take a look over at Build A Gadget. The site offers a variety of custom built gadgets which include a gadget for those who use blogger.com to host their web site. The blogger.com gadget called Blogger Buddy allows the user to post directly to their web site. The gadget includes the following abilities:


  • • Easy to use interface
    • Multiple sizes based on dock / undock
    • Size override options
    • Quickly preview and post to your blog
    • Easy to access login info
    • Quick insert HTML buttons for posting
    • Links for HTML references, Blogger and gadget help

Another gadget I found interesting is a gadget for monitoring up to six computer functions all at one time. This gadget is described to include the following features:


  • • Easy To Use Interface
    • 6 Different Monitors: CPU, RAM, IP, Battery, Wifi, and Time
    • Auto-adjusting Size
    • Network Tools: WHOIS, IP Lookup, DNS Lookup, Trace Route, and Ping Server
    • Add, remove, move, and reconfigure monitors at will.
    • Multiple configurable options.

Need a gadget to track your Coke awards? There is one available. Other gadgets of interest include:

Mini-Explorer that allows a user to search or view up to 60 websites from the convience of your sidebar.

Gadgets for Amazon, eBay,  and Drugstore are also available for FREE download. Enjoy!

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