autofillPDF-Labels 1.0 is a site that’s got tons of free, fillable PDF label templates for U.S. letter-size label sheets. Fill your information in one field and watch as your information automatically fills all label fields within that sheet! All you need to do is download and open up a template, fill a label field, and hit the Tab button on your keyboard! Print your labels in an instant.

The site offers a complete collection of basic formatting templates for address, shipping, mailing, and CD labels as well as file folder, round, name badge, business card, and all popular Avery label sizes are available — among many more choices! PDF is an ISO International Standard: ISO 32000-1. PDF Reader Required.

Four types of auto fill basic formatting templates for labels and business cards are available:

  1. Autofill all label cells with the same information in seconds.
  2. For Shipping/Mailing labels, autofill information for FROM and TO – excellent for multiple shipments to one address.
  3. For Shipping/Mailing labels, autofill information for FROM & insert manually different information for TO
  4. Autofill image insert and text for popular size labels and business cards

    Also, there are templates for manually inserting different information into each label cell.

    Check it out!