I’m not a very competitive person, but I can be competitive on certain occasions. We all have things that we’re good at that we take very seriously, and when the time comes for us to show our skills in these areas, we don’t hesitate to do so. In contrast, some people live to compete, and many of them have been able to use their competitive spirits in their professions through sports and other activities. The Internet is full of ways for people to compete with one another, and ibeatyou is another online service that helps brings competition to the masses. 

By using ibeatyou, people can get involved in competitions with others about basically anything and then let the public decide who wins. These competitions can take place using videos, pictures, and text, which means that you’ll be able to use your creativity to figure out how you want to approach each competition. The competitions on ibeatyou are all over the place, so be prepared for that. Celebrity involvement is also a part of ibeatyou, and this makes the events even more compelling.