The gPhone hasn’t even hit the street yet, but already we have detractors saying that the phone won’t be as elegant as the iPhone. Which from looking at the first prototype may hold some truth. Also Android software is not going to be a spiffy as OS-X that powers the iPhone. But there may be one thing that may just make the gPhone a big hit. That of course will be pricing.

Google is looking at a possible $50 billion ad market with the gPhone. Because of this lucrative market and also because the connection hopefully will be free, it is going to beat the sleeker iPhone hands down. Those iPhone users who pluck down $199 for the latest 3G, plus have a contract with AT&T, which some say are gouging in price, how can the gPhone not be popular?

There is one other thing. Comparing the gPhone to the iPhone is an apples – oranges comparison. They are two different beasts . Below is an alleged first look picture of the new mobile device. No doubt about it. If this is the gPhone it is nothing to write home about.



So what do you think? Will the gPhone be something you might be interested in? Will price matter to the masses?

Comments welcome.