How do you get feedback from people about the things that you create? The simple answer is that you just show them what you want feedback on, but while this can be simple in the offline world, the online world complicates matters just a little bit. Instead of presenting physical items, you’ll be using digital items. You might be tempted to e-mail the items in question to the intended recipients in order to get their feedback, however, this can result in a number of messages that are exchanged, and you should know that there is an easier method delivered by Backboard. 

Backboard offers a simple way for you to get feedback on text, documents, images, and even Web sites. You just select what you want to use, customize the presentation, and share it with your contacts. Your audience will be able to comment on what they see, and I can envision a number of different uses for a service like this. A selection of premium plans are also available for those who want more functionality than what the free version provides.