Why is it we can buy a PC, yet while we are being pitched with printers and scanners, we are NEVER pitched with the wild idea of a smart backup scheme? Seriously, is it too much to ask for HP, Dell and others selling to Joe and Jill Consumer to provide a simple to use backup setup? Am I asking too much here? If these companies really want to bomb people with add-ons, this is one area that is sorely being missed.

Now granted, Windows has plenty of backup software options – but the PCs these options can easily being installed with are not coming with external drives unfortunately. Bear in mind that I am not talking about some RAID array or advanced network storage of any kind. No, all I want to see is PCs coming in bundles with a simple USB/FireWire external hard drive with software that is ready to go out of the box, as the PC is being “unboxed.”

I say this as I was looped into recently helping a friend of my wife’s family with a PC issue gone wrong. The dell stopped working, looks like possible drive failure coupled with plenty of  malware (let’s hear it for running as an admin!) and you guessed it, no backup of important data in sight.

Clearly this is not all that revolutionary as 99% of the casual users fully understand the importance of backing up. They may hear the term tossed around or even see the drives sold at their local big box stores. Yet leave it to the folks at these same stores to not put together the obvious and provide simple, ready to go bundles that allow their customers still new to computing to safely and easily backup their computers with what they need. Perhaps I am asking too much here, but I just do not think so.