There is a lot of unused space between Broadcast TV airwaves, otherwise known as white space.  Google wants to use this space to provide affordable high speed wireless internet nationwide.  However, they are unable to do so unless the FCC allows unlicensed use of the spectrum.

When it comes to opening these airwaves, we believe the public interest is clear. But we also want to be transparent about our involvement: Google has a clear business interest in expanding access to the web. There’s no doubt that if these airwaves are opened up to unlicensed use, more people will be using the Internet. That’s certainly good for Google (not to mention many of our industry peers) but we also think that it’s good for consumers.

Link: Official Google Blog

Google needs your help to open up these airways for unlicensed use.  If you want to see this sort of internet access provided by Google, then you should do your part to sign their petition at .  Signing the petition will not get you free internet, in fact it will allow Google to make a huge amount of money (if the FCC allows the unlicensed use of the spectrum).  However, for those of you who are not happy with your Internet service provider, this could be a good way to get a new ISP on the market.

Google provides a lot of useful services and I have a feeling that they would be an awesome ISP.

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