When I wrote the article about Engineering Windows 7 this week, [here] there were a few thoughts that crossed my mind after I finished the article. One comment to the article also jogged my memory about Windows Vista, in that during its development there were many issues, which forced Microsoft in changing the path they originally had set. Some of the features that Jim Allchin had first promised were taken out of the system. Most of us are familiar with the famous memo Mr. Allchin had sent to Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer stating his opinion that Windows Vista was a disaster and if it were up to him he would buy an Apple. Full memo is [here].

Now before I proceed I want to say this is not going to be a Vista is good nor a Vista is bad article. It is going to be my opinion on what Microsoft may be trying to accomplish by opening a blog site for Windows 7. I personally believe that the blog will be a great way to keep us informed on what is going on with Windows 7. It should also help to squash all [ or at least some]  of the rumors that always appear when a new operating system is under development.

But there may be something else behind Microsoft’s willingness to open up the dialog for discussion for Windows 7. No matter how much Microsoft tries to convince the masses of the wonders of Vista, even using the Mojave experiment, there is a core group of users who refuse to make the switch. I don’t believe Microsoft has ever has this much dissension towards any of their previous operating systems. Most notably is the reluctance of businesses, even Intel refuses to take the Vista walk, to flock to Vista. This has to hurt Microsoft, not money wise, but ego wise. Lets face it. Microsoft has a huge ego and anyone saying that they do not love Vista, has to hurt that ego.

But underneath all of the ballyhoo about Vista, I believe Microsoft has admitted internally that Vista was not and is not the very best Microsoft could of done. This kind of reminds me of the Steven Spielberg-Harrison Ford trilogy of Indiana Jones. The first movie [Raiders Of The Lost Ark]  was terrific. But film number 2 [The Temple Of Doom ] was a dude. In fact the movie was actually an embarrassment for Spielberg-Lucas-Ford who promised to do better. They eventually redeemed themselves with the third movie [The Last Crusade] which was very good.

The same appears to be what is happening with Microsoft and Vista. They can do better and Windows 7 will be their chance to prove it.

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