Over at ZD-Net, writer Christopher Dawson, wrote an article in which he trashed XP in favor of Windows Vista. OK Not a trashing, but an observation as to why we should not downgrade to XP. After all, XP is old. It’s going on 7 years old. If you buy a new PC and keep it for 4 years, your operating system will be a whopping 11 years old. So Christopher goes on and on about the aging of XP and how we should all leave it behind and use Vista.

I can understand his reasoning. Windows XP may be showing its age. But heck, so am I. 🙂 so Chris goes one step further and takes a poll he asks his readers to vote. XP or Vista. As of this writing, these were the results:

Would you take the XP Pro downgrade?

  • Yes – Windows XP is tried and true; I’m sticking with it (62%)
  • Nope – Give me Vista or give me, well, something other than Windows XP (38%)

Total Votes: 629

[This was at 4;05pm CST on August 18, 2008]

Oops. Looks like those savvy tech readers over at ZD-Net have a different opinion. I even looking to buy a new laptop to replace my reliable 3 year old Gateway system. I’ll pass on my used unit to a family member. But I also have been looking at a Vista box and have given some thought to downgrading to XP Pro.

So what do you think? Does Microsoft need a Mojave 2 project?

Comments welcome.