At first I thought this was just a fluke for one user, than this past weekend I received two more emails and requests for assistance for the same problem. The user has a ! marked over their AVG icon and receives an error that a .bin file is missing. Normally this can be repaired by reinstalling AVG and all usually is well. I also located this on a website that explains how to fix the error:

When updating AVG Anti-Virus v8.0, you may see the error “A .bin file is missing”, and the update does not install. Also, an exclamation (!) point appears on the AVG icon in the system tray.To resolve this issue:

  1. go to…
  2. make a directory on your desktop called AVG
  3. download AVI: 270.6.4
  4. download IAVI: / 1616
  5. move the dowloaded files to the directory you made called AVG
  6. launch AVG
  7. select tools -> update from directory
  8. select the directory called AVG where you put the downloads

AVG has also released an update to fix this as well, and the client software should be functioning fine if you have updated recently. However, if you still get the error, please follow the steps above to manually update your AVG client.

Hopefully this will fix the problem and all will be well. 🙂

If you had this problem, let us know how you fixed it.

Comments welcome.