So, this one time I needed a bicycle to ride the trails around town here. So I went over to Wal-Mart to pick one up. I went back to the bike racks and started looking them over. I was pretty sure that I wanted to get some kind of Mongoose. I knew I definitely wanted a multi-speed bike with thick tires, shocks, and a good seat. I actually wanted one with handlebars that curved up but I didn’t see any there. So I ended up picking out something like this. So I waited until someone could come back to the bike section and assist me with it.

It took forever for someone to come back there and help me. I pointed to the bike and told him that that’s the one that I wanted (it was on the bottom rack). He picked it up and set it on the floor facing the direction that I had to go to get to the checkout counters and said “There you go”. You see, I do most of my shopping at Office Depot and Staples. There’s always a box that the product I want to purchase comes in. So naturally when I went shopping for a bicycle, I was looking for the same thing. Some kind of box that this thing comes in with instructions and a sticker that says something like “some assembly required.”

Little did I know that all I had to do was grab it with both hands, lift it off the rack, and wheel it up to the checkout counter. I felt like an invalid. Like some kind of handicapped moron who doesn’t know how to lift a bike up off a rack and go pay for the dang thing. But still, it’s not like I can go over to Office Depot and pick up a printer that I see sitting on a rack in one of their aisles and take it up to the cash register. That’s a floor model! You can’t do that! You have no idea how long I stood there. 🙁