I’m only fluent in one language, but I wish I would have learned at least one more when I was younger. I suppose there’s nothing stopping me from learning other languages now, but I sure don’t feel like I’d be able to handle the extra mental energy that would need to be devoted to the learning process at this point in my life. It takes all I have just to keep up with what I’m already doing. With that said, the language that you know isn’t the only language around, and if you’ve ever been to countries that primarily speak other languages, then you know how difficult it can be to communicate with the locals. MeGlobe has been built to help eliminate the language barrier that can exist with online communication. 

MeGlobe is basically an online instant messaging service that translates what you type so that you can chat with people who aren’t familiar with the language that you read, speak, and write as if you knew their language. As you probably already know, computerized translation isn’t always perfect, and if you see an error, you can correct it and make the system smarter in the process. The biggest problem with MeGlobe is that users have to use their instant messaging service to enjoy this functionality, but other than that, I appreciate what the service is trying to accomplish.