Everyone has a cell phone now a days, from the 5 year old kid to the 95 year old grand dad.  As a Tech rep for AT&T Mobility I get allot of weird calls, some more strange than others.  Yesterday I received a call from a rather frantic mother needing the number to the poison control center.  Her young child had apparently gotten into the cabinet under the sink and drank something he shouldn’t have.  I quickly looked up the number and transferred her directly.  After the call I began wondering why she called in to AT&T for this.  The only thing I can think of is that she was panicked and for some reason she dialed 611 rather than 911.  This got me thinking about what numbers you should have stored in your cell phone.  So, here are a few suggestions.  If you do not store any other numbers, these should be stored.

1.  Police/Fire:  An emergency may not be severe enough to call 911.  Having the numbers directly to the offices will help in those situations.  Kitty stuck in a tree type thing.

2.  ICE (In Case of Emergency):  This is a number of someone who emergency personnel can call if you are in an accident and cannot answer questions.  It should be the number to someone who knows your medical history and can help emergency personnel concerning your care.  Emergency personnel are trained to look for this number in your cell phone.

3.  Poison Control:  This number is important, especially if you have young children.  Searching for a number in a stressful situation is tough, as indicated by the call I received yesterday.  Having the number already stored helps tremendously.

4.  Doctor/Pediatrician:  These numbers are good for the same reason the Police/Fire numbers are.  For those situations that may not require an immediate emergency room visit, such as when little Timmy breaks out in hives and you want to get an opinion before spending the dough on the ER.

5.  Animal Control:  Stray animals can be a problem and even cause serious injury to people.  Down here we have allot of alligators and animal control is constantly being called to remove one from a swimming pool or the middle of the road.

6.  Next Door Neighbor:  In most cases, your neighbors are your friends and they can be a source of help and information should something happen while you are away from your house.  Hear of a fire in your area while you are visiting family?  Call up your neighbor to make sure your house is still standing.

7.  Car Insurance:  This is important should you be involved in an accident while on the road and, other than 911, should be the first number you call.

8.  Nearby Hospitals:  We’ve all been in the situation where you cannot find a friend or family member and know they should be at home or other place.  The worst comes to mind and you try the hospitals to see if something has happened.  Having these numbers will help you in this stressful time.

9.  Water/Power Company:  Handy for when your water/power is not working.  Make sure you have paid your bill before reporting it though.

And finally…

10.  Take Out Restaurant:  Once you find one that is open late, that’s the one you keep.  handy for those late night munchies.

Did I miss any?  Drop me a comment and let me know other numbers that should be stored in your cell phone.