Despite my best efforts to avoid the social media scene except where work dictated, I am rather taken up with using Twitter from my BlackBerry. Overall the experience is a pleasant enough one, with the exception of needing to use a browser to post and stay up to date with the latest updates.

Yesterday, one of my Twitter friends alerted me to an application called Twitterberry. As the name of the application would indicate, it is designed to allow “Twittering” on your BlackBerry. After using it myself for about an hour, I have found myself falling in love with this software overall…minus a couple of exceptions.

  • Took me a minute to figure out why I was unable to update my friend’s stream as I was receiving an error telling me that my username and password were incorrect. All I needed to do was “post something” and all worked from there.
  • I wish the Twitterberry icon would “backlight” the way Gmail’s does when there are new updates since last viewing the stream. Yes, this is petty, but I am just sharing my thoughts on what I would like to see.

Outside of the thoughts above, I could not be happier. The menu for the app is exactly what I want. Honestly, the only thing I would ask for more is to see this blended into an app – this way I could hit everything at once easily from my BlackBerry!