Microsoft is facing investigation by Taiwanese authorities who are investigating why Microsoft ended the distribution of Windows XP on June 30th, 2008. I am not here to take sides whether XP should or should not be distributed. But what I did find of interest is this statement:

Paul Thurrott of Windows IT Pro put a finer point on what he calls the “legal silliness,” saying that it’s “hard to imagine any legal entity requiring Microsoft to begin reselling an ancient software product that is not as functional, secure, or reliable as its successor.”

‘Ancient software’? 7 years old is ancient? If we apply this type of think we all need to do the following:

Immediately take to the land fill any electronic item that is over 7 years old.

Do not pass go Рtake your 7 year old vehicle  to the junkyard.

In fact if you own anything over 7 years old, you are obligated to have it destroyed.

As absurd as the above sounds who makes the rules that 7 years in the life of software is ‘ancient’? Though I am sure companies like Microsoft love people like Paul Thurrott, who exactly came up with the idea that Windows XP is ‘ancient’?

I think what the  Taiwanese are asking did Microsoft stop selling Windows XP to force consumers into buying Vista? Was the reason behind this really to provide consumers a more secure system or is it just pure greed?

What do you think?

Comments welcome.