Craig Barrett is the Chairman of the Board for Intel Corporation. He was warned about the ongoing educational crisis in American schools:

“The chairman of the world’s biggest computer chipmaker has said the US “education system is in crisis and failing the youth of today”.

Craig Barrett, who made his “one political statement” at the Intel developers’ forum being held in San Francisco, urged US politicians to act.”

link: Intel cites US education ‘crisis’

This is not a self serving warning to push more technology into the educational channel. Craig Barrett identifies that the key factor is having good teachers.

Craig Barrett is echoing what educators know. The drop out rate in American schools is staggering. However, the most telling factor is that so many children begin to hate school in the early grades. Many of the incoming freshman class of 2008 are ill prepared for college and university. The present direction of the educational system simply receives a failing grade.

Catherine Forsythe