Dell has announced an extended warranty plan for certain laptop systems that use the NVIDIA GPS chips. On the Dell blog site the extended warranties apply to these models:

Dell will offer a 12-month limited warranty enhancement specific to this issue. For all customers worldwide, we plan to add 12 months of coverage for this issue to the existing limited warranty up to 60 months from the date of purchase for the following systems:

Dell Product Name BIOS Revision Date Update File Name
Inspiron 1420


7/14/08 1420_A09.EXE
Latitude D630


6/22/08 D630_A12.EXE
Latitude D630c


7/11/08 D630CA06.EXE
Dell Precision M2300


7/11/08 M2300A07.EXE
Vostro Notebook 1310


7/10/08 V1310-A10.EXE
Vostro Notebook 1400


7/10/08 1400_A09.EXE
Vostro Notebook 1510


7/10/08 V1510A10.EXE
Vostro Notebook 1710


7/10/08 V1710A07.EXE
XPS M1330


7/9/08 M1330A12.EXE
XPS M1530


7/25/08 1530_A09.EXE

Dell had presiously offered a BIOS update that basically kept the fans on for a longer period. Consumers had complained that by keeping the fans on longer would drain the battery when the systems were not plugged into an A/C outlet. What is not known is the requirements for the systems to be covered by the extended warranty. By this I mean, if a consumer does not opt to update their BIOS, will the unit be covered?

One reader by the name of Dan commented that:

dan said:

that’s it??? …. a measly 12 months

and what about?….

1. the fan being on all the time with the noise and decreased battery life.  not to mention the increased wear and tear on the fan and other components.

2. if the gpu/motherboard needs replacement, is there a defect free gpu available or do we just get a defective one again?  how long will that be warrantied for?  can we swap to intel integrated graphics instead to avoid future issues?

Dell and Nvidia can certainly do better than this.  C’mon.

Dan (disappointed but cautiously optimistic)

 His statement reflects the disappointment that some are experiencing. It would seem that eventually, most users will need their motherboards replaced with a different GPU chip. As Dan stated what happens if the fans fail from extended use if the user opts to update the BIOS?

These and other issues have not been addressed thus far by Dell.

What do you think? Should Dell of replaced the motherboards in the first place or is an extended warranty enough to satisfy most consumers?

If you own one of the affected units, let us know what you think.

Comments welcome.