Google has plans to take us to the center of the earth. Well maybe not that deep, but they are getting involved in Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) and are investing in companies that support this technology. What is also of interest is the fact that this valuable resource is often over looked when the discussion turns to clean renewable energy.

In theory it works like this. You dig a deep hole where there are hot rocks, smash the rocks, pour in water and you get steam to drive turbines to produce electricity. Sounds simple enough. The benefit is that steam is a renewable resource and hot rocks appears to be overly abundant, according to reports cited by Google.

On their blog Google also states:

EGS has the potential to provide clean renewable electricity 24/7, at a cost cheaper than coal. The ability to produce electricity from geothermal energy has been thought exclusive to locations such as California and Iceland. However EGS could allow us to harness the heat within the earth almost anywhere. To see see the massive size of the US geothermal resource accessible by EGS, check out our Google Earth layer. 

It is a world wide thing and other countries are getting into the action:

EGS is heating up around the world. Australia, Germany, and the European Union are currently leading the technology and commercialization race. All 50 U.S. states, Europe, Russia, China, and India all have substantial thermal resources accessible by EGS.

If this is in fact a viable option, it actually makes the most sense out of all the alternative fuels I have read about. This abundant amount of fuel could be used to create huge amounts of electricity to fuel  those new electric vehicles that are getting ready to hit the road. Maybe a plug in car is in our future after all.

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