I don’t know if Sonicare has sold out or what, but the new design is similar to every other sonic brush out there.  They have redesigned the head, and eliminated the magnets that would be shaken back and forth by the counter rotating current in the handle.   I believe the oral B sensonic has a similar mechanism, the Ultreo probably too.  Where the Ultreo differs is in the generation of a sonic pulse.  The Ultreo uses a piezo that drives an orange rubber nubbin to generate a consistent sonic wave, whereas the other sonic brushes depend on the back and forth action from the bristles.  I’ve used them all now, and out of the box they all have about the same effectiveness.  Philips has added this UV storage container, and it does make sense there are lots of different bugs growing on toothbrushes everywhere.  There are some really cool UV bug killing devices coming out soon,  one of them is a keyboard built by Vioguard.

I have told my patients for awhile now if you have a cold or cold sores in your mouth wash your toothbrush in the dishwasher.    The high heat probably has a little effect on the bristles,  but if my patients are replacing their brushes every 3 months it’s kinda mute.

In a nutshell if you want a high tech bacterial killing sonic brush get a sonicare, if you want to kill bugs on your normal every day brush run it through a dishwashing cycle.

See you at Gnomedex; I’ll probably bring a couple of brushes in for giveaways too.

brush and floss


PS About those magnets in old sonicare brush heads: they make awesome frig magnets; I always pop them off the head before I throw it away.