I find this strange. Blue-Ray won the war, but are they losing the battle? Toshiba seems to think so. They are in the process of introducing what is called XDE [extended detail enhancement] which according to Toshiba, will provide a better picture for standard DVD’s. Toshiba seems to feel that consumers are giving Blu-Ray a lukewarm reception so they are trying XDE to garner customers.

But will this work? According to an article over at Information Week it states:

Toshiba claims the higher price is justified because XDE takes DVD picture quality to a higher level, but not quite as high as Sony’s Blu-ray high-definition format.Toshiba had tried to rally the industry around the HD DVD format as a better choice than Blu-ray. The latter, however, gained broader support from movie studios, prompting Toshiba to stop making HD DVD players this year.

XDE raises the level of standard-definition TV, which has a display resolution of 640 by 480 pixels, to a resolution of 1,920 by 1,080 pixels, which is often referred to as full high definition, according to Toshiba.

As a result, the edges of images are sharper, which means there’s less blurring on large screens. Also, colors are more vivid and the contrast is sharper, according to Toshiba.

In releasing XDE, Toshiba apparently is looking to take advantage of people’s lukewarm response to Blu-ray, which has gained most of its market traction to date through its use in Sony’s popular PlayStation 3 video game console.

But this one statement says it all:

Average consumers are satisfied with their cheaper standard DVD players and are not willing to pay more to switch to a Blu-ray player, which in many cases would require buying a TV that supports HD content, according to a recent study conducted by ABI Research

You know. Something is going on with us consumers. I personally believe that we are not as willing to dump our old equipment as we once were when something new was introduced. I even find myself a reluctant convert to new stuff. So I had to ask myself why? I once bought every new gadget when it first came out. But I now find myself either not that excited about the new stuff, or just satisfied with my current equipment.

Case in point. I must agree that I personally find DVD movies work just fine. I haven’t run out to be the first on my block to go with Blu-Ray. Same with Vista. I like XP and find it works well for me.

But what about you? Do you need the latest and greatest? Or are you satisfied with what you have and the older technology? Share your thoughts.

Oh, I almost forgot 🙂 Do you think Toshiba will find a market for their new DVD player?

Second oh. So you won’t think I am completely out of the loop I love my Plasma Hi-Def TV and I love HD channels which now hit 100 at Dish Network and will be at 150 at years end. 🙂

Comments welcome.