A blind mind could see this freight train coming. When Apple reported problems with bad connections because of a faulty chip inside of the 3G iPhone, one knew it was only a matter of time before a lawsuit popped up some where. Though Apple says the problem only affects about 2% of users, those 2% are becoming more vocal.

What users are suing about is the ads that stated ‘twice as fast at half the price’. But after they made their pruchase, some are claiming that their calls are being dropped or that they can’t connect. What was surprising is that even in the SF Bay Area, there are known dead spots rendering the iPhone useless for some.

In the article it states that Jessica Alena Smith says:

Smith is aware that her issues aren’t entirely hers (hell, anyone who reads the Internet would be aware), and that’s why she is requesting that the suit be approved as a class-action. In her complaint, Smith theorizes that the class contains thousands, “perhaps tens of thousands” of members. She alleges that she and all members of the class have sustained monetary and economic injuries due to the purchase of the defective iPhone 3G, and that Apple breached its express warranty that the iPhone would perform adequately on 3G. “Defendant was and continues to be unjustly enriched at the expense of Plaintiff and Class members,” reads the complaint.

Smith and the class, assuming the suit is approved as a class-action, ask that Apple be ordered to repair or replace all Defective iPhone 3Gs. Additionally, she asks that the company be required to pay unspecified damages, pre- and post-judgment interest on monetary relief, and attorney’s fees. Considering that Apple has yet to truly offer a fix for the problem, and some users are still suffering from 3G flakiness, it seems as if this lawsuit might just mark the beginning of Apple’s troubles over the device.

I would think that the Apple iPhone should offer the best possible service considering the cost of the phone and service which are expensive. Since Apple appears to be trying to remedy the situation, a lawsuit, especially a class action suite, may become a moot point if in fact the chip problem can be fixed.

Do you own a iPhone? Have you had any problems?

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