No surprise but Intel does have a dual core Atom chip hiding in the wings. The only thing is that the dual core does not have a mobile cousin as of yet. But observers have noted that the dual core also has a new Intel motherboard as well. If and when a dual core mobile will become available is unknown.

According to this source:

Much depends on how it’s implemented. If Intel stays true to form, the 330 will comprise two 230s in a single package. That would make for a largish chip, which could explain why there’s no mention of a mobile version.

The 330 will come soldered onto Intel’s new D945GCLF2 mobo, a mini-ITX board based on the 945GC chipset and GMA 950 integrated graphics. The board can take up to 2GB of 533MHz or 667MHz DDR 2 memory in a single slot.

And when does it hit the streets? Best guess is September. Plus a mobile chip could also be available at the same time. This could spell the start of real under $200 desktop PC’s.

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