I’ve been looking at several web hosting options, and it appears that Webair will provide the best performance, in terms of features for price. I’ve also been looking at GoDaddy; however, it doesn’t seem to be able to match the Webair virtual hosting package. Unfortunately, I know little to nothing about webhosting and the details surrounding it. I figure that the Lockergnome community would be a good place to turn in order to find out a little more about hosting and exceptional hosting companies. Do you have a website? If so, who hosts it? What do you look for in a hosting plan, and what are the best companies to host with? What are the advantages to dedicated hosting Vs. virtual hosting, or vice versa? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully your useful comments will not only serve as a way to help me, but other people in similar situations. As always, you guys are great, and I look forward to hearing from you.