You don’t need to buy a new laptop according to PC World. All you need to do is to upgrade your old one. They even provide you with 24 easy ways to do it. What a crock! Here is what happened. There was a posting here at LG on how to get two free issues of PC World magazine so I signed up. What the heck. It was a freebie. So yesterday I got the two free issues, August and September issues.

What first drew my attention was the cover of the September issue which had the big bold print on the cover. ‘Get More Out Of Your Laptop’ along with ’24 Easy To Boost Power, Add Storage, Improve Graphics and much more’. WOW! This sounds great. I can soup up my three years old laptop computer and save big bucks not having to buy a new system. WRONG!

Some of these upgrades were totally ridiculous. How about replacing your LCD screen for starters. The process which takes only 90 minutes according to the time estimate, can improve your screen resolution. But than there is this warning: ‘This upgrade is one of the trickiest and most time consuming notebook surgeries you can perform ,with little guarantee that the new screen will work as it should’. What happen to the word ‘easy’? So I went out to the site PC World recommended called ScreenTek and a replacement screen for my Gateway was $310 inc. shipping.

Next is replacing the graphics card. But you have to read all of the warnings. First there is this one ‘is your laptop’s graphics card upgradeable at all’? It than states most are not. It also says finding this out can be extremely difficult.  But here is the best one of all ‘so don’t enter into this process unless you are definitely willing to accept the risk that you might destroy your machine in your quest for higher frame rates’.

Now for the CPU upgrade. They list that most CPU’s are soldered in and not replaceable. Yeap. You guessed it. Mine is.

So in reality I can add more RAM, a new hard disk and a new DVD recorder, but that pretty much spells out what options I have for my unit.

Than there is this. I paid $549 for this unit 3 years ago. I checked out a new Gateway with a Dual-core, 3G of RAM, a 15.4 TrueBrite screen, web cam, digital card reader and I can buy one for $549. So my question to you is this. Is it really worth trying to upgrade that old lappy?

Comments welcome.

New Gateway here.