Some where, someone made mention that Microsoft should of considered a Second Edition to Windows XP instead of releasing Windows Vista.  Interesting observation. Or is it? If anyone remembers, Windows 98 had a Second Edition [Gold], that they introduced which included a number of tweaks, fixes and patches wrapped up into a refined Windows 98.

So why not SE for Windows XP? Could Microsoft of added UAP to XP? How about a pretty GUI? A sidebar? The answer to all of these questions would most likely of been yes. So what would that of meant to us Windows users?

I believe that it would of been an easier upgrade path for the majority of XP users. Drivers, hardware and software we already had would of worked without having to own a more powerful system. In fact most of the features that Vista employs could of been added to XP without a major change to the operating system. But would consumers have upgraded to XP-SE? I believe they would have just to take advantage of the new features. We could of had the best of both worlds. A pretty OS that people were already familiar with, added security and the other benefits that Microsoft insists that Vista has.

But what do you think? Would you of bought XP-SE? Let us know.

Comments welcome.