A sampling of the online news sites from Brazil finds that the Brazilian media are treating the Olympic loss, in women’s soccer, as a national tragedy. Brazil lost to the USA: 1 – 0. The statistics are cited:

  • Brazil advantage in possessions: 58% of the time
  • Brazil advantage in shots: 16 to 11
  • Brazil advantage in corner kicks: 14 to 3

However, the statistical advantages did not produce a gold medal. There is speculation that the defeat will slow the development of women’s soccer in Brazil. Perhaps this is simply a temporary reaction to the bitter disappointment of the loss.

It would be a setback not only for Brazil but for international soccer, if the loss delayed the development of women’s soccer in that country. Brazil brings such athleticism, creativity and artistry to “the beautiful game”. Today, though, Brazil is mourning its Olympic defeat.

Catherine Forsythe