The headline reads ‘Trust Durcell to scare the $#% out of you’, because of a new ad Duracell is going to show. The ad will show a mom getting out at a park and while getting an infant out of the car she sees a white sedan pulling away and her older child missing. No fear. The kid is wearing a tracking device and mom locates him near by. The article states:

The ad is clearly meant to substantiate Duracell’s long-running claim that people should trust its batteries in even the most serious situations. It’s a tactic that’s provided a good (and long) ride for Duracell, but also has, at times, felt over the top.

This risks being one of those cases. The combination of tugging at parents’ heart strings and playing up parents’ worst fears feels overdramatic. Instead of making people want to buy the batteries, the company is in danger of turning off parents who don’t want to be scared into shopping.

It kind of makes us pine for that irritating, but light-hearted, Energizer bunny.

But while reading the article they referred to the company that makes the tracking device from Brickman which is a security company.

Holy Brickman Batman! These people have a ton of secret spy stuff that would make James Bond drool. All types of hidden cameras, plus a ton of tasers, pepper sprayers & knock you on your ass 300,000 volt stun gun. But what was really interesting is that they also sell keyloggers to spy on your employees, [or spouse], plus a super secret grouping of kits to check for infidelity and drug use by a spouse, family member, neighbor, who ever you want. 🙂 Here is a semen kit:

Semen Spy CSI Edition

Do you have suspicions of your spouse or significant other cheating? Do you have a clothing item or stain you need to test for the presence of semen? Sweep a room for semen stains as old as 30 years in seconds.

Plus a ton of drug testing kits like this one:

Drug Identification Kit

With this easy to use Drug Identification Kit, you can detect up to 12 different types of illegal drugs. Virtually no false positives!

Now this one is good:

X-Ray Spray Kit

X-Ray Spray turns opaque paper temporarily translucent, allowing the user to view the contents of an envelope without ever opening it.

I had a few laughs taking a quick tour of the security stuff. Enjoy.

PS I don’t think that having a tracking device for a child is a bad idea at all. As far as scaring anyone, isn’t that what Brinks does with their ads of a guy breaking into a house and the woman saved by the loud alarm?
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Security stuff from Brickman