The once a year gathering of Lockergnomies is being held up in Seattle by Chris and friends,  and the gathering is known as Gnomedex. At the Gnomedex clan meeting of techies, Magnolia, a social bookmarking company, is announcing their commitment to open source. The techs are looking forward to comments between now and September when they plan on hitting the bricks with their newest venture.

So what exactly is social bookmarking? Well according to Ma,gnolia it is:

‘What is Social Bookmarking?

In social bookmarking, thousands of people keep their bookmark collections on a website instead of on just one computer. Doing so brings several big advantages.

Bookmarks Anywhere

AnywhereKeeping your bookmarks on a website allows you to access your favorite websites from anywhere. Your bookmarks are available and always backed up no matter which computer you use.

Find Stuff Other People Like

OtherAnd even better, you can see what other people have found and share bookmarks with your friends. Bookmarks can be kept private, but most are public and available for everyone to see. See who has the same interests as you!

Find the Best of Web through People, not Machines

StarsIn social bookmarking, you only find the bookmarks that other people think are worth keeping. Ma.gnolia ratings and tags instantly give you an idea of what people think of a bookmark, making your web searches more informed than ever. It’s like having a community of assistants help you find what you need, when you need it.’

I wish to congratulate the hard work that the people at Ma.gnolia are making towards an open source endeavor.  Hopefully they will be rewarded homesomely for thie wise decision. If you are interesting in social bookmarking, please stop by Ma.gnolia and sign up. It is a freebie, plus you will be supporting a group of Gnomies at the same time. 🙂

Comments welcome.