Over at Engadget they have the dimensions on what is being called the HTC Dream phone. It is a tiny bit smaller than the iPhone, but not by much. The new phone is the one that is going to employ Google’s Android software and therefore has a designation of a gPhone. Here is what the Engadget shows on their site:

Here’s how the smartphones compare:

  • HTC Dream: 115 x 55-mm
  • iPhone 3G: 115.2-mm x 62.1-mm
  • Xperia X1: 110.5 x 52.6-mm
  • HTC Touch Pro: 102 x 51-mm

Image of HTC’s label exchange request after the break.

Now if we just knew some other information. How about will the gPhone be a freebie supported by Google ads? Rumor has it that T-Mobile will be the carrier and should make some type of an announcement in September with the phones going on sale in October. But what happened with all the talk about free white space? Confused? Join the crowd. But hopefully we will have more information by next month.

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