Over at the Daily Express in the UK, there was an article about those who take their laptops with them on vacation are ‘stupid’. Interesting since I am heading to Las Vegas, NV. in two weeks and I was going to take my lappy with me. But when I read this article and subsequent reasons why taking your laptop on vacation is ‘stupid’, it made me pause before making a decision. In the article it states that:

A TOP psychologist has warned that people who take their laptops with them on holiday risk family breakdowns.

Workplace health expert Professor Cary Cooper added that they can cost the economy millions of pounds – because never switching off from work leads to increased absence and labour turnover.

“People seem to think a holiday is about having a short break and catching the sun while doing a bit of work. That’s dumb. A holiday isn’t just for rest and recuperation but to commune again with your family, connect with your children.

“Obviously if the employee is stupid enough to take their laptop with them and tell their employer that they are available, then they are going to be exploited.”

I already knew my wife’s opinion which is definite leave it at home But now after reading this article it confirms what I already knew. If you do take your lappy with you and let people know that you are in fact available, you will be exploited.  Because of this I have decided not to take my laptop with me and instead enjoy myself while leaving work behind.

Which brings up another topic. Anyone reading this from Las Vegas? Besides gambling and the standard tourist stuff, is there anything you can recommend that is worth seeing or doing? How about a good Italian restaurant in the area? I’ll be on foot and taking taxi’s so be kind. I don’t want to travel to Reno for a good meal. 🙂

What do you think?

Comments welcome.