Here we go again. Another one of those Firefox is eating up my RAM article’s, but this one is slightly different. Most articles are about the using amounts of RAM in the 100 to 200kb range. But this one is for a whopping 1G of RAM [910,052 to be exact]. Though we have hashed this out before and it seems most people are satisfied to blame add-ons as the culprit, this amount of RAM usage seems extremely high no matter how bad the add-ons suck up resources. According to this Dallas Morning News article it states the following with task manger chart:





 Observe this screen shot of my task manager showing Firefox 3 using up nearly a gig of RAM. I have six tabs open: Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, a Web-based version of Movable Type 4.1, this blog and a story from Cnet.

As for add-ons, I have Better Gmail 2, Remember the Milk, Google Gears, Google Notebook, IE Tab, Skype Extension for Firefox, and Adblock Plus.

What in God’s name is going on here? Does anyone have any suggestions for fixing this? (And no, conspiracy theorists, I have not Photoshopped this except to make the numbers legible. I’m not a Microsoft agent. I like Firefox. I just want it to work properly.)

 Now. Let’s not throw rocks at the messenger. 🙂 I didn’t write this article. The suggestions made are in line with previous suggestions made about this problem. Shutdown FF and start again. This seems to be the best way to solve this problem.

Comments welcome.