Having had exposure to countless article regarding Google Apps in the enterprise over the years, it was refreshing to actually stumble upon an article that actually “gets it.”

Quote from ITBusinessEdge:

Enterprise sales are all about relationship and trust because IT managers know that what gets them into trouble (fired, demoted, or outsourced) are unexpected problemsĀ that adversely affect the line of business. Saving money is important but it can lead to expectations that come back to haunt these folksĀ in the following year.

Rob nails it with that statement above – to the letter. Yes Google, price cutting is not cure for enterprise adoption. If it was, people would have been dropping Microsoft Office a long time ago for alternatives that have been out longer and proven stronger value for a longer period of time over Google Apps for word processing and spreadsheets.

Seems like Google Apps might be better suited for kids than businesses. Perhaps I am taking a hard line against the idea a bit too seriously? Think I am wrong? Hit the comments; set me straight.