When one considers the great accomplishments of America’s citizens whether it be in winning gold medals at the Olympics or being responsible for great strides in medical research no one cares what color the person’s skin was. That is as it should be.

I can’t think of many people who would turn down a critical blood transfusion for their child or the chance of having a kidney transplant because the person’s skin color did not match their own. To me this are such simplistic things that I just don’t understand the prejudice and actually find it abysmal that such a thing can still exist today.

In all truth I think that such attitudes are from the dark ages and exist merely because we have been so separated and because we do not understand the heritage of other ethnic groups. How wonderful it would be if we can all share in the diversity of each group and better our lives by doing so.

The Bible says that Jesus died for all. That must mean that He did not have any prejudice based on the color of a person’s skin. Our own pledge announces that we must have equality for all our citizens. Equality means that any one of us is able based on their abilities to become the best that they can be but to achieve this we need good schools for all of our children. We need affordable health care for all of our citizens. We need affordable and alternative sources of energy to ensure that our country doesn’t flounder under the wavering friendship of the Sheiks in the Middle East.

Yes, I admit that there are issues that I have with Senator Obama’s stands on the issues of abortion and gay rights but when I vote for the next President of the United States I am aware that the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the constitution and current law is what will determine these issues not the next President. As President, Obama will be able to solidify and correct problems with our economy and the leaders of other countries have already made it clear that they will work with him. On the other hand, Senator McCain has already shown himself to have one focus and that is on the military, yet his voting record shows that he is not all that concerned with the lives of our veterans once they are injured. Senator McCain also wants to give more tax breaks to big business and oil companies that are already making unprecedented profits off the backs of hard working Americans. Why not, this is a man who doesn’t even know how many houses he owns and is married to one of the wealthiest women in the United States. This may be part of the reason that he so wants to see tax cuts given to the wealthy.

I cannot say that McCain is not a Patriot or that he doesn’t deserve our respect for what he endured over 40 years ago but I can say that his mentality is still in the Bush mindset of warmongering. It is not set on fixing things he has no understanding of like the economy and our inadequate infrastructure.

However, Senator Obama understands that the average American is struggling to make ends meet, owns only one house if they are lucky enough to have held onto it throughout the current mortgage crisis, and understands that alternative fuels are the only answer for our energy independence.

If you are against Obama I wonder if it is not because you are afraid of the color of his skin. Are you a secret racist? If so, then look again at Obama. He is half white even though his skin is dark. My children are Italian, English, and German and forty years ago that would have been something to be embarrassed by but today has no significance. That is the way that it should be for all of us.

There is no doubt that I admire Senator Obama and his wife Michelle and there is no doubt that I appreciate his choice of Joe Biden as his running mate. Senator Biden brings experience to the ticket and since that is one of the problems I have often heard quoted as to why people won’t vote for Obama that should put that issue to rest.

Additionally, if you have a problem with Senator Clinton not being nominated get over it. We need a Democrat in the White House this time around. We need to bring our young men home from Iraq. We need to fix our economy. Despite President Clinton’s faults the economy was workable and we were basically out of debt when he was the Commander in Chief.

That means that the only decision for you to make is if you want another 4 years of the Bush Administration (More of the Same) or if you are brave enough to seek change in the form of Senator Obama. Good luck since if you make the wrong choice you have no right to complain when fuel prices continue to soar despite the oil companies (Who will continue to be subsidized under McCain) record profits or the next bridge falls down because the car companies were bailed out to the cost of American safety.