Making plans isn’t always easy, but the process is much simpler when you’re the only person involved with making the plans. In that situation, you alone make the decisions about every little detail, and the only person that you have to answer to is yourself. However, when other people start to get involved, then things become complicated. Each person has unique opinions, and all of these opinions have to be considered for the benefit of the group. Making sense of all this input is no small task, but Spendji will help to keep everyone on the same page. 

When you need to collaborate with a group of people about projects, activities, and events, Spendji will be there for you. If your project requires a budget, your group can set one up through Spendji, track any expenses, and even research prices. More traditional group collaboration features such as calendars, polls, and to-do lists are also present. By working together as a group, each member of your group will be more satisfied with the outcome of your plans.