I must admit I am at a disadvantage when it comes to running Vista on a Mac, since I do not personally own a Mac. So this morning while in my home library and digesting a copy of the August 2008 edition of VAR business, I was surprised to read this headline to an article:


You’ve probably heard that Microsoft Vista runs better on Macs – and the Test Center knows a few different ways to get set up.

I guess I have to get out more, because I was not aware that Vista ran better on a Mac. Yes, I knew you could run Vista on a Mac using virtualization. But as far as running better, this was news to me. The article went on to state the different methods used to get Vista up and running on a Mac, with a comparison of the three recommended software’s, Parallel, Boot Camp & Fusion. Using a simple benchmark the writer concluded that Boot Camp was the way to go.

But what wasn’t answered in the article was the WHY. Why does Vista run better on a Mac than on a PC? The only statement was this:

Performance-wise, it seemed that Vista liked running on the Mac mini. Geekbench results averaged an impressive 2,040. These are results that are almost equivalent to prior testing of Vista on PCs with double the memory and comparable processors. 

So my question is this. If you have tried Vista on a Mac, what is your opinion about performance?