Over at TweakGuides.com, blogger Koroush Ghazi, wrote a very in depth article concerning his opinions about Vista and the FUD that has followed. Unfortunately the title doesn’t fit the article, since Vista annoyances to me references the operating system itself, and not those of bloggers, authors or other writers. But putting that one minor issue aside, Koroush Ghazi brings to light some of the facts that most of us are already familiar with.

Here is the problem in a nut shell and is my opinion also. There is an estimated 100 million or so bloggers, blogger their way through the vastness of cyberspace. Most bloggers are all chasing down the same news, like I am basically doing here by citing Koroush Gaza’s article. So we pass on thoughts written by others and some of us toss in a few opinions of our own, whether they are substantiated or not. Let’s face it. You gotta write about something. 🙂

Next we have Microsoft itself. If you write something good about Microsoft you are a Redmond shill and if you write something bad about Microsoft you are a Microsoft hater. This is total BS. If I feel that Vista is not what I personally wish to use, that is my opinion and my opinion alone. If you chose to use Vista, that is your God given right to make that decision. I respect your decision and hopefully you will respect mine as well. Why do we have a need to label people and their opinions?

We can write about Vista until hell freezes over. Who cares? Use the operating system that meets your needs whatever that may be.

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